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An Awakening

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An Awakening, is a wonderful explanation of an evolutionary phenomenon that is taking place all over the world. In his arduous search for answers regarding early childhood experiences. Jari discovered startling evidence to an emergence of a consciousness that goes far beyond what we have come to know as an Indigo Child. His extensive research not only describes the science behind consciousness, it provides a fascinating and detailed overview of what it means to grow up Indigo. Eloquently, Jari explains the difficulties growing up Indigo and how it affects everyone around them. His detailed analysis is well documented and a pleasure to read, however, it?s not a book that can be read from cover-to-cover, for the simple fact that it can take time to absorb all the information he has presented. The book is full of first-person experiences, fascinating information, and riveting explanations regarding the unprecedented increase of human intelligence, as well as the dramatic rise in those labeled as ?mentally challenged.?.

Jari A. Mikkola

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------------------------------------- An Awakening - Review from Amazon -------------------------------------

It,s not a fast read, nor is it for the faint of mind. The reading is after-all geared towards adults, and thus his ideas at times complex. Jari however, covers everything well by using examples and alternate wording to make sure his overall meaning is not lost, but understood.

The idea of The Indigo Child is not completely new, yet Jari takes it from the abstract and applies to the reality of the children (and adults) of today. I am sure many of you will see Indigo traits within yourselves, and perhaps all of them. Especially if you have always felt 'different' from others, seen things in a different way, or felt things others could not. If so, you may very well be Indigo yourself.
This book will help you realize what is going on, and gives excellent examples of how special Indigos can be and how they are already changing the world.

It is also a comprehensive study of consciousness in all its forms, with a riveting history of the science of the mind. From the scientific perspective, to extra sensory perception, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and their surprising connections, ADHD, autism, and super intelligence, it?s truly the first book of its kind that goes into such depth and is a pleasure to read.

As a personal note, I have read thousands of words by Jari and there was something inspired about this book, something that was inspired for him to write and directed from an outside force. This is not a new phenomenon as many of the great authors of the 19th and 20th centuries have stated the same odd feeling, that they been driven to do so through an unknown consciousness.

If you are interested on improving your knowledge on the Indigo phenomenon and the science behind it, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

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