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Clues To The Unknown

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After a lonely, fatherless childhood he joined the RAF at 15, suffered an unhappy marriage and for a time slept rough with the down-and-outs of London. But even harder was accepting his own growing psychic powers - to heal the sick and predict the future, to communicate telepathically or smash a glass merely by looking at it...

Sometimes humorous, often harrowing but always utterly candid and uncompromising, CLUES TO THE UNKNOWN is the unique story of Robert Cracknell. He convincingly describes using his power to help the police solve gruesome crimes, to skirt the sinister paths of evil and probe the mysteries of the occult. This fascinating first-hand account of psychic life challenges common myths and superstitions. It is a book no-one will be able to ignore.

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Colin Wilson.
World renowned philosopher, critic and novelist.

"Robert Cracknell must be the least typical psychic in the world . . He is totally down-to-earth, blunt, aggressive and impatient; he is also inteligent, honest and obsessively, almost self-destructively, devoted to his own vision of the truth. His is a voice which needs and deserves to be heard".

Ed Olshaker.
Edward Olshaker is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in History News Network, The New York Times, and other publications. His book Witnesses to the Unsolved, an exploration of the uses of parapsychology in criminal investigation, was named a 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards finalist in the True Crime category.
CLICK HERE for Ed Olshakers book 'Witnesses To The Unsolved'.

"Clues To The Unknown is truly as timely as today's headlines, it is also timeless in its compelling account of how one man survived and transcended a childhood of poverty and abuse".

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