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Colin Wilson.
World renowned philosopher, critic and novelist.

Geoff Ward explores the alternative universe.

Soul Awakening, the home of Alison Stormwolf, poet and healer. This site will help awaken soul growth, inspire inner awareness, reflection and self-empowerment through poetry, spiritual articles and wisdom, as well as holistic healing services.

The Paranormal - Ghosts - Spirits - Paranormal News - Investigations.

The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents and unexpected discoveries.

Nicoletta Georgiou
Clinical Psychologist, TV presenter and author.
Her new book is now available from Amazon.

Jenny Smedley
Past life consultant, author, aura reader, animal intuitive and angel communicator.

James McQuitty
Spiritual Literature and more.

New Realities
Body, Mind, Spirit, Paranormal and much more.

The Dimension Zone
Are You Where You Want To Be?

In The Shadows - Paranormal Project

Thomas Ramey Watson
Psychotherapy, Pastoral Counseling & more.
100% Live social Community and Live Broadcasts.

Tiffintime Cafe
St. Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex, England.
This cafe is owned and run by Bob's son Keir.
If you're ever in the area, pop in for some great food.

Clive Fitch
Professional Spiritual Healer


Joseph M. Felser. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Kingsborough Community College/ City University of New York.

Lewis. E Graham. Ph.D., D.D.
Dr. Grahamís esoteric learning and his in-depth exposure to multiple areas of orthodox research have been unique assets in the GNOSIS series. He has applied both areas of knowledge in a novel fusion of science and spirituality.

The Gralien Report
Weird news, Anomalies and Exopolitics beyond the fringe.

A Web Site that works towards providing knowledge and understanding of all forms of mediumship, which will hopefully, help those interested in working in this field towards working with Safe Practices, with a particular emphasis on Physical Mediumship.

Ed Olshaker.
His book 'Witnesses to the Unsolved', an exploration of the uses of parapsychology in criminal investigation, was named a 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards finalist in the True Crime category. Available at Amazon books - CLICK HERE

Barbara Jones.
Training & Therapies.

Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation.
Mediumship, Healing, Astrology & Tarot.

Anomalist Books.
Publisher of books devoted exclusively to UFOs, Bigfoot, the paranormal, and other unexplained mysteries.

Teresa Frisch - Aesthetic Impact
Studies of intuition, mind-body medicine, biofields, global consciousness, entanglement and the contributions that positive intent and intuition play in the human condition.

Paranormal Utopia.
Focusing is on the paranormal, scientific, odd news and so forth. This can cover a number of subjects that fall outside of Ďthe normí of what you would see in the regular media.

Paranormal News.
Do You Believe?

Aparanormal Investigations Scotland.
Paranormal Investigation Scotland.
News that shatters the ice of our unconscious.

Ellis C. Taylor
The extraordinary websites of interdimensional numerologist, author & speaker Ellis C. Taylor.

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