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Psychic ability is not a gift reserved only for the chosen few. It is a universal human inheritance, merely an extension to the five senses. But it is also true that this inheritence is a skill that must be developed. Some are born with their psychic abilities near to hand and easilly accessible. Others discover them only in emergencies or by so called 'accident'. Others are taught if they can find a competent teacher.

It is claimed that Robert Cracknell is such a teacher (although he disputes the title bestowed on him). He is one of the most famous psychics in Britain and has been hailed as "Britain's number one psychic detective". He maintains the difference between his abilities and yours is not only a matter of inborn skill, but of development and practice. Using stories and anecdotes from his own extraordinary life and exercises he developed specifically for this purpose, this book will reveal the way to develop the psychic abilities you were born with - even if you have never used them before.

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Colin Wilson.
World renowned philosopher, critic and novelist.

"Cracknell's claim , if true - and I believe it is - becomes a statement of revolutionary importance. Many mediums and clairvoyants have written boks about what it means to be psychic, but NO ONE has explained with such simplicity and clarity how easy it is to make use of our psychic faculties. Above all, Cracknell makes it clear why we should make use of them.".

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