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TV & Radio Archive

July 2011 : Bob is interviewed by Micah Hanks for broadcast on "The Gralien Report"

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June 2011 : Bob is interviewed on the 'Coast To Coast' Radio Show (USA) about his new book
'The Lonely Sense'


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The Southern Organs Case
Two businessmen commit a major fraud but Robert Cracknell is on the case.

Watch the full
story unfold on
'Crime Scene Psychics'

Part 1

Part 2


Italian TV Documentary "Voyager"

In July 2011, a film crew from the Italian TV station RAI visited Bob at his home in Cyprus. They were interviewing Bob for a documentary programme called 'Voyager', a prime-time TV show about science, archaeology and history.

Another Incredible Prediction from Bob Cracknell

"We met Mr Cracknell last June for an interview about his life and his psychic powers. After the interview we had dinner together and we were talking about many topics, when Mr Cracknell told me that Amanda Knox would have been cleared of murder. In June nobody knew about the new examination that would have questioned the scientific police's job, so I thought that Mr Cracknell was wrong. On the 3rd of November, 4 months later, I was in the post-production studio to edit the documentary about Mr Cracknell, that would have been aired the following week, when the Court of Appeal gave its verdict: Amanda was innocent. As most of Italian public opinion I was surprised, but suddenly I thought: Bob was right!"

Marco Zamparelli – Author & TV Producer

VOYAGER - Parts 2, 3 & 4

VOYAGER - Part 1
Psychic Origins



The Australian Outback Case

Suicide or Murder?

Robert Cracknell is called in to help with the mystery.

"He's turned it around. There is new evidence that has come to light that will help us find out who did kill Jim"

Sonia Peters - Sister of Jimmy O'Connell


During the early part of1981, Cracknell was - on behalf of his publishers - promoting his autobiography: ‘Clues to the Unknown’.
Having appeared on virtually every B.B.C. local radio station throughout the U.K. he was to finish the tour by featuring on one of the most prestigious radio programmes on radio four, ‘Midweek’.It was the radio station’s highest rated programme at that time, and its popularity continues. It was broadcast not only nationwide but also in many other countries.

As the title of the programme suggests, on the Wednesday of each week well-known celebrities were invited into the broadcasting studio, along with a ‘mystery guest’ who was not part of the showbiz circuit, and the programme was hosted by the popular television personality and broadcaster, Russell Harty (now sadly deceased). On this particular occasion however, Russell Harty was ill and his place was taken by another presenter, Terence Brady. Other guests included Humphrey Lyttleton, Lynsey DePaul and Henry Kelly.
A couple of days before the live broadcast was due to go out on air the director telephoned Cracknell and asked him if he was prepared to put himself on the line by accepting a challenge of his abilities under controlled test conditions; a challenge he accepted without hesitation. (This experiment was not dissimilar to that he undertook at Oxford, when he predicted who would later be occupying a certain chair and put down in writing the feelings he picked up about that person; comments which produced much acclaim and a rating of 80% accuracy.)

Without any prior knowledge as to the other guests who would be there that day (the celebrities participating were never advertised in advance) he was to give his impressions about one of the people who would be on the programme with him.This he did. His words were recorded and later transcribed, to be ‘locked’ inside a sealed envelope until the day of the live broadcast.
Cracknell specified that the guest would be a woman; that she was very much preoccupied by her hair; had received an injury during her childhood which badly affected her leg and, more significantly, that she had recently experienced a traumatic separation or divorce, which was causing her a great deal of distress.
Cracknell had been seated next to Lynsey de Paul, who – when she heard his impressions – gasped in amazement at the accuracy of the words. It was a well-known fact that her hair was all important to her; almost to the point where it had become a fetish. She confirmed that she had sustained a bad injury to her leg when she was hit by a bus during her childhood (though few knew about it) and yes – she had recently returned from America, following the traumatic breakdown of her relationship with the actor, James Coburn.

This remarkable aspect of Cracknell’s abilities; that of being able to forecast future events days and weeks before they happened, was to be repeated on many occasions; the Southern Organs, Janie Shepherd, Gaby Mearth and Yorkshire Ripper cases being but a small number of his achievements which can be found on this website.

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